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Henrietta qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in 2003. Since then, she has nurtured her specialist interest in women health and gained extensive expertise in Women’s Nutrition including fertility, thyroid disorders, menstrual irregularities, stress support and healthy ageing. More recently, Henrietta has built a carefully selected team of highly qualified Nutritional Therapists who share her approach and support her work in clinic.

Henrietta’s quest for knowledge and research has remained passionate ever since. Often, when given the right tools, your body is capable of redressing physiological imbalances that can cause ill health. The key is to ensure you are providing the tools specific to your body’s need and to support healing. Henrietta and her team of Nutritional Therapists have had the pleasure of seeing the results of this time and again.


BSc University of Bristol
Member of British Association of Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (MBANT)
Registered Nutritional Therapist with the Nutritional Therapy Council
Registered Foresight Preconception practitioner
Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice practitioner AFMCP
MSc Nutritional Medicine (in progress)
Full indemnity insurance
PruHealth Approved Practitioner: PRU3628333

“My ethos is simple, if you know how
to take the right care of your body,
it will take care of you.”

Henrietta has developed a vision over the last twelve years, to provide a nutritional service that promotes an ‘integrated’ approach to health.

Henrietta and her team of highly qualified Nutritional Therapists take an integrated approach to nutrition, using functional medicine analysis whilst also embracing more traditional methods.

It is her heartfelt belief that in order for real change to occur in the body, the person needs to be supported as a whole – mind, body and spirit. Often, when given the right tools, your body is capable of redressing physiological imbalances that can cause ill health. The key is to ensure you are providing the tools specific to your body’s need and to support healing.






Top 10 therapists to have on your speed-dial

“Henrietta is clinically excellent as well as being extremely warm hearted; the perfect mix in a practitioner dealing with women’s intimate health matters’
- EMMA CANNON author of the bestselling ‘The Baby making Bible’.

"I have worked with Henrietta on several projects over the last few years and have always found her knowledge and input invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a nutritional therapist."

Private Clients

I had to write and thank you again for the help you have given me over the last few months. You have reminded me of what it feels like to have a spring in my step, a feeling I haven’t had for years, not just physically but mentally too. It never felt as though you were being prescriptive, rather I felt you were guiding me with your expertise and encouraging me to listen and understand my own body and health…

I could tell you that Poppy’s skin
& energy have improved but neither of these come close to the experience of having a life free of tantrums and tears
as a result – not just a relief for Poppy but for us all. I am really pleased we gave it 100% focus to get these results in just a couple of months

Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide 

Henrietta’s 2nd book, published by Ebury Press on 6th August 2015.

The what, when and how to eat during preconception, pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood.Drawing on over a decade of work with mothers-to-be, expert nutritionist Henrietta Norton provides you with clear and practical advice on what to eat during preconception, pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. You’ll find out:
  • What to avoid and which supplements to take
  • Which nutrients are important at each trimester
  • How to manage symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue
  • Pregnancy and preconception superfoods and recipes
  • How to allergy-proof your baby and optimise their development

With meal planners for each trimester, a handy list of food to access on your smart phone and with chapters on preconception, breastfeeding and labour nutrition, let Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide be your close companion on this precious journey.

Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy List

Pregnancy Superfood List

Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Take Control of Your Endometriosis

Published by Kyle Books on 8th March 2012, priced £9.99

A no nonsense guide to coping with endometriosis, the condition that affects a staggering 5-10 percent of women and approximately 2 million women in the UK alone. Written from both a personal and a professional point of view by top nutritional therapist and endometriosis sufferer, Henrietta Norton, it offers a positive approach and practical advice to sufferers.

So what is endometriosis? Beginning with the facts, the book looks at the condition, what the symptoms are and how to get it diagnosed. Many of the women Henrietta sees in her clinic haven’t realised that painful periods, fatigue and depression are symptoms. It looks at the vital steps to taking control of the condition, analysing why changes to lifestyle and diet can make such a difference. Not about having to live in a cave or even take up yoga, Henrietta shows that just making realistic but informed choices about food can get results fast; whether it’s the importance of organic produce to learning to love your liver. Alongside this are delicious recipes to make the changes exciting and possible, menu plans to help keep it simple and shopping lists for getting organised.

Most importantly though, Henrietta shares her own personal story and the case studies of the women she’s helped to treat and the positive results they’ve had, whether it’s been pain release, managing mood swings or the essential question of fertility. Further chapters include information on additional therapies, supplements and support groups.

Take Control of Your Endometriosis book cover

Wild Nutrition provides pioneering Food–Grown nutritional supplement to create highly bio-available, bespoke food supplements that are both gender and life stage specific. All our products are developed with expertise in nutritional medicine combined with years of clinical experience.

Many food supplement companies use synthetic, isolated forms of nutrients. This is just as it sound’s; a nutrient found in nature is isolated from the food or plant that it is found in, then synthetically reproduced and processed into a tablet or capsule. There are a number of versions of this method (amino acid chelates, citrates, and carbonates for example) but they all carry the same integral flaws, they are both synthetic and isolated.

The Food–Grown difference

Nature is clever and the health benefit of a nutrient is not the nutrient alone but other co-factors found in its natural source. Without these co-factors (also known as co-enzymes) the nutrient is a stranger to our body. Take an orange, for example. An orange is a rich source of vitamin C, but when eaten, the vitamin C is not the only benefit. Alongside this vitamin C we also get its ‘team mates’ (the co-factors and co-enzymes). These help our body to absorb and utilise this vitamin C to achieve the maximum benefit. Without these ‘team mates’ the nutrient can be harder to absorb (if at all in some cases) and, more importantly, used or metabolized by our body.

Wild Nutrition Food–Grown nutrients are bonded in a genuine food complex such as citrus, carrot, cabbage, alfalfa, bakers yeast or probiotic yoghurt thereby providing the vitamin C, in the example of the orange, with its ‘team mates’. All our Food-State products have the added benefit of naturally providing phytonutrients including beta-glucans, amino-acids, B vitamins and the antioxidant glutathione.