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Henrietta and her team of Nutritional Therapists combine the inherent wisdom & nurturing capabilities of food with the science of evidence-based nutritional medicine. The team apply the pioneering principles of Functional Medicine to her practice (graduate of the AFMCP) enabling her to dig deeply into the root of symptoms. Diagnostic testing such as a hormone profile, comprehensive digestive analysis (using DNA analysis), food intolerance & adrenal stress index may be recommended. For all these the following established clinical laboratories are used Doctors Data, Genova Diagnostics & BioLab.

Henrietta and her team works in close company with other health specialists and where necessary may recommend you for supportive treatment such as acupuncture or cranial osteopathy. Where appropriate she will inform your GP or other medical consultant of the treatment plan with your consent. This open communication encourages a collaborative approach to support your wellbeing.

What happens?

A questionnaire and 3 day food diary will be sent to you before the consultation. This is a purposefully detailed questionnaire so please be patient and thorough, it will make a big difference to your experience of the consultation. Once you have completed this please bring this to your appointment.

How long is my first consultation?

The initial consultation will be 1 hour. During this time our therapists will work with you so that you leave with an understanding of your bodys nutritional status and an effective program to support your route to improved health. Practical, financial and personal considerations are valued and an achievable plan will be put into place that you feel both comfortable and confident with.

How many consultations will I need?

This varies from client to client but commonly a client should have a follow-up appointment 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation, followed by another consultation 6-8 weeks later. In some circumstances further follow-ups are both necessary and mutually agreed.

The encouragement will be there for you to take control and understand the mechanisms of your own health without relying permanently on our therapists support.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be included together with a supplementation programme where applicable. The programme will explain in detail why these changes are important to your health and every effort is made to ensure that it will fit practically into your lifestyle.

London Clinic - Grace Belgravia Medical

Adult consultation (1 hour)

£240.00 London
Follow up consultations (30 minutes)
£120.00 London

One of Henrietta’s highly qualified Nutritional Therapists:
£190.00 London
Follow up consultations (30 minutes)
£95.00 London

Prices do not include any tests or supplements that are recommended. These are not always necessary but where required these will be discussed with you.

Extra time can be added on to any of the above if requested at a rate of £15 per ten minutes. Equally if you wish to pop in for a quick ‘check-in’ the same process can be applied.

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